Wonderful Hotel Lobbies


Lobbies are the most important part in any hotel’s vicinity and 642-813 should be welcoming.That’s why hotels pay special attention to the decor of lobbies.Here goes a list of hotels with most wonderful lobbies…

Via: QT Gold Coast
1. QT, Gold coast, Australia
It is a state of the art modern lobby dotted with different hues of colors all around.The decor of the lobby is fabulous and designed in such a way that not jumpexam only it is appealing to eyes but also it is very comfortable.

Via: Radisson Blu
2. Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel, Istanbul
This is a lobby which is beautifully done in a subtle yet a stylish manner.The beautiful lamps hanging above the chairs and sofas make it even more special.The beautiful glass partitions look stunning with branches of trees framed in.

Via: G Hotel
3. G Hotel, Malaysia
This lobby is a marvelous showcase of style.Over all brown themed dazzling interior of the lobby against four huge dangling lights and traces of red and teal beams falling over the sides of the lobby makes it a place which people will look forward to.

Via: Onyx Hotel
4. The Onyx Hotel, Boston
With its fresh, vibrant and so energizing outlook this is a perfect lobby to hang out.Beautiful red centre lamps on each table and the red and black checked carpet makes this lobby look absolutely out of this world.

Via: The Parker Palm Springs
5. Parker Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA
This is a beautiful modern lobby where you can sit and spend your time while enjoying the scenario.The metal statue of a soldier somewhat gives it a dramatic look.Almost all the interior is in harmony by the use of a single color and then an elegant mix is created by indoor plants, bright red lamps and last but not the least ; the statue.

Via: Gramercy Park Hotel
6. Gramercy Park Hotel, New York
This lobby has a very daring interior where you can find different pieces of art and antique style furniture.In other words at the first sight it really gives a feeling of a royal palace and as if this palace is waiting for its honourable guests to come and spend time.

Via: Hutton Hotel
7. Hutton Hotel, West End Ave Nashville Tennessee
This is yet another eye-catching lobby where a huge sculpture of a horse will add spice to your admiration for this place.It’s really an interesting place and have every reason you should visit this hotel.

Via: Manila – Hotel
8. Manila Hotel, Philippine
This is another very inviting lobby where you are surely going to feel special.The traditional chandeliers in the lobby are glittering against the wooden backdrop of the roof.The decor of the lobby is the one that you’ll develop a penchant for.

Via: La Purificadora
9. La Purificadora Puebla, México
As you descend down the stairs you’ll arrive this terrific lobby where the cozy interior awaits you.The purple colored sofas go perfectly well with the side pillars which are made with timber colored bricks.The tranquility of this place is going to purify your soul with deep inner relaxation.