The Oldest Hotels In the World


There is something about old stuffs that are making them more worthly then the newest and the msot expensive thing that we got. If you are from those nostalgic people who more appreciate the  history and the things  whicha re linked to so many events and have so many story then this article will be suitable for you. Folowing are the oldest hotels in the world that are still working and that you can visit them.

Check out the most amazing and the oldest hotels in the world.

1.Hoshi Ryokan,Japan



According to Guinness World Records this is the oldest hotel in the world built in 71 and there is a whole store behind this traditional japanese inn  that goes like this. A Budhist Monk called Taicho Daishi spent a night in the holly Hakusan mountain and dreamed about a holly mountain inn that  heal people with holy water, the enxt day Taicho Daishi ordered his disciple, Garyo Houshi, to start building an inn that will heal people.

2.Zum Roten Baren (Red Bear), Germany

This hotel is veteren hotel among the hotels in Europe. This Hotel was buil in the 1300 and before hotel it was a mainson with couple of guest rooms. This hotel stay trough both Wolrd Wars and didns suffer any disasters but anyhow it was restored couple of times. Now it own  Tv in every room , Wi-Fi , but still kept the old European charm and remain as one of the most value hotel in Europe.

3.Blaue Gans (Blue Goose),Austria

This is the oldest hotel in Austria built in the 1351, now the hotel is resotred in all new way and the concept of the hotel now is art oriented unlike when it was first built.

4.The Olde Bell,England

This authentic hotel is considerd as the oldest inn in England established way back in 1135, this hotel has a lot of history in its was and rooms. It survived the both World Wars and remain as one of the most appreciate hotels in England.

5.Hotel Sofitel Cecil Alexandria, Egypt

Established in 1925 Sofitel Cecil Alexandria will enhance your vacation in Egypt and it will show you the right historical value of Alexandria, since of its heritage and history this hotel is one of the most renewn and luxury hotels in the world.

6.Hotel Pilgrim Haus, Germany

One of the oldest and most valuble hotels in Germany this inn was built way back in 1300 which make it old more then 700 years. It was restored couple of times.

7.Clardige’s, London

This luxury hotel was founded in 1812 and it was a home to a list of elgendary star and classy guest. This old and renown hotel is situeteed in the heart of London.

8.Ritz, Paris

Cezar Ritz open the doors of this hsitoric and legendary hotel way back in 1898 in paris and since then this hotel is stil one of the most renewn and most luxury hotels in the world , situeded in the center of Paris.

 9.Four Seasons Hôtel George V Paris, Paris

In 1925 George V opened the doors of this luxury and renown hotel in the center of Paris, since then the name Four Season is renewen  all over the world.


Founded in 1837 James Brown the friend of the well known Lord Byron  this hotel is very important for the historic Londond Society and made up 11 Georgian town houses.