The most amazing colorful hotels


For everyone which are fan of the  amazing and pure beauty of colors , this list will be helpful and inspirational.In the following you will be able to choose one of the most stylish and classy colorful hotels, which strive to serve  the pure and essential freshness.If you are bored of the dull  hotels and you want to spend your holiday in a place which will provide you with the right amount of freshens and creativity , then you better pick one of the following most colorful hotels around the world.

1. Color hotel Rome Italy

In the eternal city  where everything seems to be amazing and valuable , you can find your self in a specter of colors and creativity.The bright and warm colors of this adorable hotel will enhance your holiday and make you feel pleasant and comfortable.

2.Pantone Hotel Brussels -Belgium

Is hard to stay serious and in blue mood in this enchanting and radiant hotel in Belgium. This hotel is made of the most fresh and playful colors  that will improve your mood and make you holiday in Belgium fascinating. Next time when you are in Belgium to drink good beer and eat amazing chocolate, be sure you are in the right hotel.

3.Dara Hotel, Phuket Thiland

The colors in Dara hotel in Thailand are  specialy picked and used to  clean you from bad vibes and to provie you with the right energy that you will need to enjoy your holiday in Thailand.

4. Hotel Missoni, Scotland

This designer’s hotel is fabulous combination of   radiant style and perfect combination of fresh and warm colors that will provide you with the best time. You just can not stay in blue mod if you are surrounded with this combination of colors. We need colors to stay happy and to think positive and  this is the right place when you can  clearly see the role that colors play.

5.Hotel sublime Eiffel paris

Amazing combination of fresh colors and good style , you will feel the positive vibe that this place offers since of the radiant colors that are dominant in the place.

6.Color design Hotel Paris

Subtle beauty and sensitive combination of the colors , even though the white color is dominant in this hotel , there are many aprts of it that are fully colorful , which looks amazing.

7.Leto Valkenburg, Netherlands

As all Netherlands is  full with different colors and radiant beauty  that is the same case with this amazing and colorful hotel in Amsterdam Leto. You will have a real good time surrounded with the most interesting combination of colors.

8.Hotel Indigo Liverpol

Let the colors guide you and have amazing time in this hotel which is a kingdom of the most amazing combination of colors and forms .Indigo in Liverpool is the right hotel for you if you are fan of colors and creativity.