The Bigest Hotels in the world


If you are a fan of big and spacesuits  things  , just because you can feel the real extraordinary feeling to be accommodated in a large and big place , then this list will help you to find your perfect hotel.Unlike the article that was talking about the smallest hotels in the world , this article will help you to find the biggest hotels in the world.In case you are one of the people who wants to be a part of something big with many people then this article might be helpful for your sake. So sit back and find your favorite from the list of the biggest hotels in the world.

1.Izmailovo Hotel Moscow

Hotel Izmailovo located in the center of Moscow is one of the largest hotels in the world.Built from  4 towers including 7000 rooms , this hotels is one of the must visit hotels .This hotels has been in the book of records for the biggest hotel in the world.Therefore if you love enormous things and buildings this hotel can be the right place for you to spend a fabulous holiday with your friends and family.

2. MGM Grand Las Vegas

This famous hotel in Las Vegas is build up from 30 floors and 6500 rooms which each of them is enchanting on special way.Have the real Las Vegas experience in this glorious hotel and just imagine the view from the rooftop of this hotel/

3.The Venetian

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas owns a 8000 rooms including the private suites.The experience in this hotel canbe real adventure , based on the fact that this is one of the biggest and widest hotel in the whole world.

4.First World Hotel,Malaysia

The amazing colorful hotel in Malasya is build up from two towers, one includes 24 floors and the other includes 28 floors.Together the buildings count 6,118 rooms.

5.Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya, Thailand

Build up from 4000 rooms this hotel is  the largest in Thailand and of the biggest hotels in the world.Spend the night in this gloriusly high hotel and experience a real Thailand holiday.

6.Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo

Build up from 3680 room the prince hotel in Tokyo is hotel that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.Except the fact that is gloriously high this hotel is also luxurious and stylish.

7.Bellagio Las Vegas Las Vegas

The well known hotel in Las Vegas Bellagio is not only famous for its luxury and casino but also for its height and weight. This hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world and is worth to be visited.

8.Sheraton Macao Macau

Amazing hotel with milion lights is built from two towers and 400o rooms. You have to visit one of the most amazing hotels in the world. This hotel will enhance your holiday in many ways.

9.Circus Circus Las Vegas Winchester

Circus Circus is hotels famous from epic manners.You have heard about Circus Cirsuc at  least once. This hotel was mecca for the celebrities in the 60’s.Built up from 4000 room this hotel is amazing and you must visit at least once.

10.Caesar Palace,Las VegasGlorious and amazing the Caesar palace is one of the most popular casino resorts popular worldwide and also is on the list of the bigest hotels in the world.