The Best Legoland hotels in the World


It’s about time to admit that you as well legos just like your kids do. Well who to blame? Lego land is part of every person’s childhood , and to revoke the children in you , these legoland hotels are the best solution. Check the best Lego land hotels across the world, pick your favorite and let the fun begin.

1. Legoland Resort Hotel, England

Resort Hotel - LEGOLAND WIndsor
Resort Hotel – LEGOLAND WIndsor 

Resort Hotel - LEGOLAND-Reception
Resort Hotel – LEGOLAND-Reception

There is no need of explaining that your children will go crazy about this hotel and you too as well. This hotel located in Windsor in England is the happy place  and the place where the fun begins. Its made from legos in different colors and forms. Every detail about this hotel is neet and you will have a wild time here along with your children.

2.Legoland Village Hostel, Denmark


Legoland Village. room
Legoland Village. room

You can have a real time with your family in this amazing Legoland Village in Denmark which is only 500 meters from the Legoland. This is a children welcome hotel and you can have a real good time here.

3.Hotel Legoland Hotel, Denmark,

This is a family oriented 199 rooms hotel in Denmark with view of the Legoland Village. You can have great time with your family , especially with your children, because at this hotel it is all about fun and playing.

4.Legoland Hotel,California

Legoland California Hotel

The fun can begin in this suepr cute hotel .Located right on the main entrance of the Legoland you will be saluted and welcomed by the polite and happy hosts.

7.Legoland Hotel, Germany

Resort Hotel - LEGOLAND Pirate Bedroom
Resort Hotel – LEGOLAND Pirate Bedroom

Spend the night in Legoland Hotel In germany and have an amazing trip with your family.

6. Legoland Florida Hotel, Legolandgeneral-ricD

If you are visiting Florida and your children wants to go to Legoland you dont need to think  too much about acommodation, because the legoland Florida hotel is wehre the fun is.

7. Hotel Gasthof Sonne

Spent the night in this super cute hotel with your family and have a wondefull trip in the Legoland Village which is right across the hotel.