Rock And Roll Hotels for Rock And Roll genearation


For all you rock and roll enthusiast and the ones who appreciate the culture and the history of the rock and roll music t following article  can be the guideline of your next holiday.The following list is the guideline for people who love and live rock and roll.The list of the most authentic and creative rock and roll hotels across the world.All of the following hotel are not just rock and roll themed , but were also a temporary  home to many epic names in the rock and roll music such as: David Bowie,Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon,Jim Morison etc.

If you want to spend the night in the same hotel that your favorite band was then pay attention to the following list.

1.      Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi

Hard Rock Hotel is the epic hotel and everyone across the world has heard at least once about it. There no words  needed to describe how excting your experience will be  here. Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas strives to remain the cult  hotel of the rock and roll culture and if you visit this hotel you will assure that they  are accomplishing that mission.

2.      Hotel rock and roll WashingtonRock n roll is present in every wall in this amazing and cool hotel in Washington.The rock n roll hotel has be a home to many rock and roll stars and is representing a combination of a spotless style and bad-ass rock and roll scent.The decor goes   in the rythma with the theme of the hotel.Hence, if you are a rock and roll soul you have to put this hotel on your must visit list.
3.      Backstage Hotel AmesterdamIn the city where everything is creative , crazy and rock and roll there is a place that is  the typical combination of the rock and roll and the spirit of Amsterdam, the well known -Backstage Hotel.Except the rock and roll interior Backstage  is located in the popular and  culture part of Amsterdam Leidseplain.The best thing is that you will be near the popular club in Amsterdam Paradiso and visit some great gig that is happening in that moment.

4.      Hard day night leverpoolIf you are fan of Beatles than you for sure can not aloud to skip this epic hotel that is in the name of the legend of the rock and roll music.The Hard days night in Liverpool is in the name of The Betales , including pictures of the members in the room and lyrics of their songs writen on the walls.

5.      Hotel Pelirocco ,BrightonHotel Peliroco is very popular hotel and if you are fan of teh rock and roll culture and music then you for sure have heard about it .Peliroco in Brighton is declared as one of the favorite hotels for the rock stars such as :David Bowie ,The Supremes,Jimi Hendrix etc.

6.Sanctum Soho, London

Sanctum Soho in London is one of the most famous and rock and roll hotels in the world.This hotel has been visited by many epic and legendary  rock stars.If you love rock and roll then you for sure will love Sanctum Soho.

7.Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco

Phoneix in  San Francisco is the home of rock and roll ,   from the pool area to the lobby this hotel is representing the culture of the rock and roll.If you are visiting the sunny California don’t forget to visit Phoneix for real rock and roll experience.