Outdoor Hotel Bedrooms…Just Divine !


What about spending a night in a cozy bedroom under the star studded sky? Here are hotels that offer you this pleasure that will be etched in your mind forever…

Via: Loisaba
1. Loisaba Wilderness, Nanyuki, Kenya
This is a stunning bed named as ‘Koija Star Bed’ located amid nature’s green treasures. It is all made up of wood with thatched roof. Another gripping thing is that this bed is on wheels so it can be moved inside the hut and can be drawn out so as to enjoy under the beautiful blue night sky.

Via: Bubble Tree
2. Bubble Tree, France
These are exceptional bubble rooms in which you can spend a night under the sky. The interior of the rooms are just awesome. It is a unique bubble world surrounded by lush green surroundings.

Via: Aman Resorts
3. Amangiri, Canyon Point Utah, USA
This is a beautiful bed which is equally enjoyable as a daybed for resting and at night for stargazing. This cozy room is designed pretty well and the lamps gleaming at night in this outdoor room makes the room yet even casino online more dramatic. A stay here in this room will cost you US$ 1,750.

Via: Dasparkhotel
4. Dasparkhotel, Austria
This is also a unique outdoor room.It is actually a huge concrete pipe cut and then formed into cozy rooms. Just behind the big double bed there are beautiful pictures. There is also a circular skylight made in the roof where you can look at the sky.

Via: Albereta
5. L’Albereta, Brescia
This fantastic room converts into an open outdoor room one button away. From the balcony of the room you can see panoramic views of vineyards and the Lake Iseo. You can have full comfort while your stay in this room.

Via: Stay Aka
6. AKA, Central Park
This is a spacious one bedroom lavish penthouse under the sky. From this room you can have jaw dropping views of the city in three directions. The interior of the room is decorated with mid century modern fixtures.

Via: Amertha Bali Villas
7. Amertha Bali Villas Beachfront Resort and Spa
This is a divine bed with the suite that you will opt for. You can lay here and enjoy the serenity wrapping around you.

Via: Talalla Retreat
8. Talalla Beach Resort, Srilanka
This is an elegantly beautiful bed placed in balcony where cool draughts of air will come and will spread tranquility around you.

Via: Bangkok Tree House
9. Bangkok Tree House
Spend your night under the stars where the twinkling stars in this elevated outdoor bed will fill your heart with peace and calmness.