Most Creative Shapes of Hotels


If you are one of the people who dont like ordinary things, than you will find this article helpful. Except the ordinary shaped hotels there are  hotels which are fascinated by something and desided too make hotel in that shape. Folowing in the article you can notice who creativity doesnt   know for any limits and when you want to build somethin you can make it in any shape your like. So if you want to escape the routine and  have fun in some creative shape hotel , keep reading the article and choose your favorite.

Here are the most creative shapes of hotels.

1.The Dog Bark Park Inn,Idaho

This super cute dog shaped bed and Breakfast in idaho is the first hotel with shape of a dog in the world. Id made by the artist and it owns twwo private dogs loges. Inside of the bed and breakfast is alsodog themed. This is perfect if you are dog person and you are fascinated by dogs , and also if you like no ordinarry things.

2.Casa De la flora Resort,Thailand

This amazing  luxury resort overlooking to the sea  has a misunderstundeing name , since its shape is more like a cube or a tv monitor then a flower. This cube shaped hotel is great for relaxation and honeymoon trip.

3. Ryugyong Hotel,North Korea

This si the first pyramide shaped hotel and is renewn by its creative from of the antique pyramides in Egypt. Except the authentic shape this hotel is luxurius and modern.

4.Lucy The Elephant,New York

The specatucular design of this hotel make  him a landmark of New York and is renewen as a tourist atraction. Lucy the elephant is one of the most interesting arcitecure miricales.

5.Marques De Riskal

This amazing and impresive hotel have shape of a flower , and its one of the most appreciate designs in the world of arhitecture.This is a luxury hotel and you can have quite a fun here.

6.Hotel Unique, Brazil,

This  popular hotel have a shape of a piece of a watemelon and is one of the  most impresive hotel designs in the world. Its design its beeing awarded couple of times.

7.Wine Barell Hotel,Netherland

Spent a night in a wine barel.