Discover the heart of the Ballcans- Macedonia and best place to stay there


When you are heading to the highway  and you are looking in both side of you , and you can see enchanting  green landscape , natural treasure – there where the sun is above high than you know that you are in  the mystical and magical country of Macedonia. Even small Macedonia is the essential soul of the ballcanian spirit and the  perfect reflection of its very rich  and sad history.Macedonia is little country nestled in the middle  north of Greece , south of Serbia.Macedonia is not that popular country , but  the first moment you got here you will be enchanted by its subtle and magical beauty. Embraced in  the spirit of natural treasure , friendly people and delicious food. Here are the places  and hotels that are worth-visiting in order to feel the Real Macedonia.

1.Aurora Resort and Spa, Berovo Lake

Rising on the vast green landscape on the Malesevian Mountains  you can find the luxurious and warm mountain resort Aurora. Aurora Resort and Spa is luxurious lodge that will allow you to enjoy in the true essence of the nature.The resort is situated only 10 miles from the little city Berovo  and got amazing view of the forest and the lake. Staying here you can feel the spirit of the mountain , enjoying in really delicious food , such as the goat cheese which is homemade  by the inhabitants on the mountain.

2.Saint Naum,Ohrid Lake

The enchanting and amazing natural and cultural beauty in the hotel Sain Naum within the old with centuries same named monastery  will imminently take your breath. The Locality Saint Naum is  on the shore on  the biggest Macedonian Lake, the  Ohrid Lake and is divided from the urbanic world which will give you the needed peace and relaxation.The activities that you can do here are riding on the boat  across the willowed covered river and eat the  popular dishes that are specific for Macedonia such as the fish Pastmrka and you can enjoy in magnificent wine.

3.Holiday Inn,Skopje

Situeted in the very centre in the capital city of Macedonia- Skopje , Holliday Inn will let you explore Skopje like you are supposed too. holliday in is 5 stars hotel one of the msot popular hotels in Macedonia and its location is perfect for sightseeing.

4. Hotel Bistra,Mavrovo

Hotel Bistra is located in the most popular ski in and ski out  areas at the foot of the Bistra mountain  and nestled close enough to enjoy in the peace of Mavrovo Lake.

5.Aleksandar Palace, Skopje

Hotel Aleksandar Palace is located near to the center of the city and is one of the most luxurious and renowned hotels in Macedonia. you can enjoy in a real luxury overlooking to the city lights of Skopje.

6.The monastery of Sv. Joakim Osogovski Inn

Located at 3 km northeast from the Kriva Palanka Town the complex of the monestery inns will let you be a part of real culutural and natural treasure that this place got. The inns are very authentic and you can  explore the mystic of the ortodox religion since the monks will give you a guide trought the monestery.

7.Vila Alula, VevcaniLocated in the adorable and small multiplicity of Vevcani you can enjoy in  the warm and comfortable lodge which is close to the lush mineral spring and the green landscape.