Its all in the sports! Creative and cool sport themed hotels


if you are into sports  , and you are one from the people who will be rather watch a game then go out with friends then this article should be  the right guideline for your next holiday.No matter if you are football fan or basketball enthusiast this sport themed hotels and hotel  suites will embrace your sport spirit to the fullest.This article will help to all those people who are passionate about  sports and want to stay in hotel where  will actually like they are in sports museum.

1.Hotel Boca, Buenos Aires

Inspired by the great passion of the fans or the hinchas of the one of the most appreciate soccer club the Boca Club whioch include the champion and epic soccer player Diego Maradona  the designer of this hotels thought that this will be a place where all the fans can get rest after watching a game. The hotel is soccer-themed and includes wallpepers with the most famous soccer players.

2.Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Disney’s All Star Sports Resorts is celebrating the passion for sport and it is reflecting  what sports actually means to the scoiety. Disney’s All Star resorts include diferent themed of sports such as baseball , basketball, surfing etc.The suites are named Home Run Hotel, Hoops Hotel, Touchdown!, Surfs Up! and Center Court.

3.Hardwood suite at the Palms,Las Vegas

Passionate for basketball? Well there is a place where you can play a game or few inside a room. This super outrageous sport themed suite  name Hardwood suite at the Palms include whole basketball playroom inside the  actual room.Hardwood suite covers 10.000 square feet and is overlooking the flamingo.

4.Apex Suites – Planet Hollywood,Las Vegas

This modern  and mid -century resort includes adult playroom which will enhance your stay at Las Vegas. The suite includes  soccer-table , pool table , ping pong table and  different kind of games.Locate don the strip right next to Paris-Las Vegas this suite covers 1900 square foot.

5.Sports Luxury Theme-Fantasyland Hotel

This sport theme  suite at the fantasy hotel is  adapted as rugby room. The  bed is adapted with rugby ball and behind the bed you can see the rugby board.There is also place to play basketball.

6.El Palacio Sports Hotel,Miami

If you are in Florida to watch the game  you better be in El Palacio Sports Hotel since is next to the stadion and it will allow you to enjoy in many sports activites that it have.

7.Disney’s All Star Sports Surf  Resort

Staying in thesurf resort in Disney ‘s All star you can surf as much as you can an get all the fun from it.