Hotels with the coolest bathrooms


While choosing the appropriate accommodation  one of the amenities that are on your priority list of course is the bathroom, because nobody wants to stay in hotel that have creepy and small bathroom.For that reason we come together with a list of hotels that have the most beautiful bathrooms across the globe. If you are one of the people who wants to have everything right while on a vacation , then take a look trough the most amazing bathrooms that this hotels owns.

1.InterContinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa, Bora Bora

With bathub overlooking to the ocean the bathrooms in the InterContinental Bora BoraResort and Thalaso Spa in Bora Bora have the most amazing and spacious bathrooms.

2.Amangani, Jackson, WY

With bathub next to giant window overlooking to the amazing nature of the Grand Teton mountain The Amagani resorts in Jackson have one of the most beautiful bathrooms.

3.Peninsula Tokyo, Tokyo,

The bathrooms in Penisula Tokyo have the amazing Toto CS 367 B toilets  , which are the top of the toilet tehnology .the include seat heaters and other advance technology properties.

4.Estancia Vik, José Ignacio, Uruguay

The bathtub  in Estancia Vik is super creative and unusal with a scent of natural earthy decor.You will literally would  not want to get out from the bathroom.The walls and the bathub in this bathroom is built from local jacaranda trees.This is pretty unusual and amazing bathroom to be in.

5.Rome Cavalieri,Rome

The highlight in this amazing red lighted bathroom in the romantic hotel Rome Cavalieri in Rome  is the hydromassage thub  and except that this amazing bathroom have view of the St. Peter’s Basilica.The bathroom is decored with crystals and wood and is one of the most luxurius bathrooms in the world. This bathroom can be perfect for your honeymoon.

6.Andaz Wall Street,New York

This spacious and minimalistic bathroom in the Andaz Wall Street is designed by David Rockwell and will provide you with the msot advanced bathroom technology amenities.The bathroom is overlooking to Wall Street and if you are going in New York for bussines  you better have in mind that this hotel have the coolest bathroom ever.

7.Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, China

This luxurius bathroom in the 900-square-foot Landmark suites  are advanced with extra luxury bathtum and entertaiment system with surroned sound and lcd TV set.The Bathroom is in oriental decor with subtle scent of modern minimalistic design.