Hotels with most beautiful private terraces


When you are planing to go on vacation and you are about to make a decision about the accommodation ,you are taking three priorities  about the hotel: the room, the facilities and the terrace.While on a vacation you love to be outside and enjoy the good weather and experience that good time under the sun , away from the noise and crowd.For that reason we make up a list of hotels with most enchanting private terraces.This hotels are voted as hotels with best terraces overlooking to the sea or some amazing landmarks.

Take a pick of the following list of hotels with best private terraces.

1.Hotel Villa Carlotta,Taormina Italy

Spend your summer enjoying in the adorable Italian style terrace decorated  with typical lemon tree, flowers and big pool.You can sense the real Italian charm in their special suite with a private terrace.Needless to say that Italians possessed a specific charm and is up to you to feel that charm in this amazing terrace.

2.Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Who would not like to drink a morning coffee overlooking to the Eiffel Tower.The private terrace in this amazing hotel in Paris will allow you to feel like you are in somekind of dream.Spend romantic holiday with amazing view of the center of the city of light.

3.MGM Grand – Skyline Terrace Suite Balcony

Stylish and modern the private terrace in MGM in Vegas will let you experience the once in a lifetime experience.You can basically spend your vacation on this amazing terrace.

4.Corinthia Hotel – London

Have an amazing time sitting with your closest ones on the enchanting terrace in Corinthia in London  overlooking to the biggest London landmarks such as the London Eye and the epic Big Ben.

5.Hotel Nixe Palace |  Royal Suite terrace,Spain

Enjoy in your private garden  in the amazing h0tel Nixe Palace in Spain.The private royal suite will allow you to enjoy like a princ/princess with your own stuff that will serve your breakfast on the terrace.

6.Suite 19, Riad El Fenn, Marrakech

Amazing oriental styled terrace will enhance your vacation and make you feel extraordinary since the atmosphere is really special here. The terrace is private and you can enjoy your vacation in piece.

7.The Hassler ,Rome

Expereince a vacation from your dreams in a real italian way .The terrace in the Hotel Hasel Roma is exceptional and will allow you to feel extraordinary.