Hotels with most beautiful gardens


There are people that while on a holiday enjoy in green landscape and flower gardens , and in case you are one of those people then this article should be useful for you.The most attractive garden and green landscape decorated with amazing flower for getting rest and recreation while you are on holiday.Check out the list with most amazing and breathtaking gardens , and if you appreciate a little nature in the accommodation then you might pick one of the following hotels.

1.Stadthalle Hotel, Wien

In the center of this amazing and culturally rich city there is a hotel that will provide you with the most amazing garden for resting in pleasant atmosphere.This garden is subtle and contrary of its modern interior the garden is old-fashioned but still beautiful and amazing.

2.Mar Hall,Glasgow

One of the most amazing gardens  in the world for sure.This hotel will allow you to feel like you are in other century ,feeling like some princes or middle century lord.The green landscape is breath taking and the garden is decorated with subtle flowers all arranged in aristocratic manner.This hotel will let you experiencing the royalty treatment.

3.Hotel Modera,Portland

Hotel Modera in Portland is famous about its creative and cute garden whic you have to visit if you are a fan of stylish and still natural things.This garden is modern and beautifull.

4.The Gardens Hotel,Key West

The gardens hotel in Key west was declared as  hotel with the most amazing gardens listed by New York times.Visit this amazing and enchatning hotel if youa re fan of walking  trough beautiful trees and flowers.

5.Le Prieuré d’Orsan, Loire, France

France is famous for its natural treasure and big green landscapes and this hotel is a prove for it. Amazing and spaceus gardens , with very creative and subtle form.This hotel will let you experince a realy french holiday.

6.Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy

Villa Cimbrone in Italy is prove that you can make art from nautre.The amazing gardens in this luxury hotel will let you experience a real nature and find yourself a peace and pleasent moments with your family and friends,

7.Bodysgallen Hall, North Wales

Spaceus green landscape , creative shaped shrubs and  flowers are the trademark of the  Bodysgallen hotel in North Wales.You can experience a real good time in nature and take a long walks in the amazing gardens that this hotel owns.

8.Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles

Hotel Bel Air is not only known for the luxury and for the long time history , but also after its amazing gardens that are arrange in a way that you will feel like you are dreaming.