Hotels With Lazy Rivers


If you are looking for some water adventure this time on your holidays, then hotels with a lazy river are meant for you. Here are listed those hotels who have this amenity waiting for you. Are you ready for some splashing fun?

Via: Rose Hall Resort
1. Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Jamaica
Have some amusing time while you dive in this lazy river and also enjoy delights in the swim-up bar available.You can also lie behind in the sun loungers and relax after taking a ride in the river.

Via: Omni Hotels
2. Omni Hotels & Resorts
In this 850 feet long lazy river you can float in tubes and can enjoy to your heart’s content. Other attractions include waterfalls and water cannons.

Via: Mandalay Bay
3. Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons Hotel
This lazy river is equipped with joy. After you spatter in this river you can have rest in the compartments perched at the sides of the river and can also watch your favorite channels on the LCD.

Via: El Con Resort
4. El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico
This resort has a massive 8000 square feet lazy river that offers nothing but elation all over. You can also get pleasure from the slides cascading into the lazy river.

Via: Resorts Disney
5. Aulani Disney Resort & Spa, Hawai”i
This place’s lazy river is just serene beauty. Its crystal clear water, decorative rockery and a sailor’s ship add further spice to However, your instinctive carefulness may offset the mind-body split which is a horoscope libra trait. its wonders. It seems like a dream water world.

Via: Hyatt coconut Plantation
6. Hyatt Residence Club Coconut Plantation
You can take a refreshing ride down this lazy river and can also feist your eyes with panoramic views at the sides. The thatched gazebos at the sides are looking just so natural.

Via: The Hilton Orlando
7. Hilton Orlando, Orlando, FL
Take a break and enjoy in this 892 feet long lazy river that twists and turns gradually.The trees and rocks at the sides make a perfect scenario.Plants and flowers add more beauty to the river.

Via: Squa Peak Hilton
8. Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Arizona
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this lazy river while you observe the magic of water pouring into the meandering river from the waterfall above.