Hotels with Glass Pools


Have you had a special time swimming in a glass pool?Those who think glass pools are dangerous and scary,then its time you get assured of safety in glass pools in hotels around the world as many people swim here and have been safe.Sounds creepy?See this stuff below.




This is the new cool swim at hotel break water that floats over the ocean drive on ocean beach. This pool is 40 feet long encased in a glass, giving an exposed under water view by ocean drive passers-by. Fantastic!

Visit Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa, and experience a breath taking view of the Mediterranean Sea from its glass sided elevator.

Imagine a hot water swimming pool; now imagine it located at the fourth storey of Hilton hotel in Auckland New Zealand? Sounds like a exciting experience and the only way is through paying it a visit see more of it here.

This is a pool at shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in China which hangs over a 24 storey hotel. If you want to experience an adventure like no other of swim-flying, then this is the place to be.

Visit Joule hotel in Dallas downtown, and experience an experience like no other swimming from a roof top swimming pool. The pool protrudes from the building with eight feet from its side and ends with a glass side which makes it really unique.  


A pool at intercontinental festival city in Dubai, it may seem scaring but it’s more fun that it appears. The extension from the hotel building has glass all round and has a transparent bottom for you as a swimmer to see people in the streets as you look down.

A glass sided swimming pool at gallery hotel in Singapore. Dip in and experience a fantastic view of the surrounding.

Adelphi hotel  in Australia roof top pool, the pool is 25 meters and gives a clear view to the streets in the city.