Hotels with creative shaped pools


The pool area in the hotels is very important for the bigger impression and experience at the same hotel. Usually hotels  tend to have conventional pools with the popular oval shape.Anyhow, there are hotels that strive to push the limit of creativity and  have creative shaped pools.This list is made of the most creative shaped pools in hotels over the world.In case you are going on vacation with your children and you want them, to have fun to the fullest , then you will find this list very useful.

Check out the most creative shapes of hotel pools over the world.

1.Marina Alta,Spain

Dolphins without doubt are one of the most loveable and adorable animals in the world, in the name of that Marina Alta hotel have made this dolphin shaped  pool for all  people who  love dolphins.If you are fan of this adorable creatures  than you for sure will have fun swiming in a dolphin shaped pool.

2.Ramada Nashville Downtown Hotel – Nashville, Tennessee

This is one of the most popular pool in the world.The guitar shaped pool located in Ramada Hotel in Nashville can be great place for the passionate music lovers.This is a pretty rock and roll pool and in case you are fan of that culture  then there is no doubt that this hotel is the right place for you.

3.Walt Disney World Resorts,Florida

Hippy Dippy pool is one of the favorite places for children in Disney world hotel.This flower shaped pool is not only interesting for the young population but also adults love to swim in too.Because of its funky form this super cool pool will enhance your holiday with your family.


Mini Mouse inspired jacuzi is the right right place for you and your children to have limitless amount of fun.This is not only fun for children but also for adults, because lets be honest everybody would love to swim in Mini Mouse pool.

5.The Religah Hotel,Miami

Raleigh hotel except that is known for its luxury and glamour , as well is famous for this interesting shaped pool.The pool has creative asimetric shape and is the perfect spot for having fun and enjoying the sun.

6.Heartbreak Hotel, Memphis

This epic hotel except that is known for the legendary song of Elvis -Heartbreak Hotel inspired by the hotel is also known for the heartbreak shaped pool.For all of you that are still in love with the king of rock and roll this is the right place for your next vacation.

7.Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami

This incredibly cute and creative pool in cat shape is located in Fontaine Bleau hotel in Miami and is very popular among the young population  but among the adults too.