Hotels with best tenis courts


    While on a vacation you want to relax and to imply your favorite hobby and physical exercise -Playing tennis.More often hotels do not own decent tennis courts and you are forced to play tennis on unprofessional way on the beach .But that is not always a case , in the following list you will be able to meet with the hotels that own the most beautiful and spacious tennis courts that will allow you to play tennis like real professional tennis player.Feel like you are on Wimbledon and play tennis as much as you want because you are on vacation and you deserve to play a decent tennis.

    So if you are pasionate tenis player check out the list of the hotels with best tenis courts.

    1.Burj Al Arab Hotel,Dubai

    This can be more then a regular game of tennis, since this is the highest tennis court in the world.Located on the top of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai , you will be able to litteraly play tennis in the sky.Amazing teniss court in a form in oval will allow you to feel special.On the opening of this magnificient tennis court , the first tennis game was played by the champions  Rafael Nadal and Novak Dzokovic.

    2.Biras Creek Resort ,Virgin Gorda

    Play tennis with your friends and family on this amazing and spacious tennis court in Biras creek on the Virgin Island.The tennis court is suronded with  magnificent palm trees and nature and is located with a view on the ocean.Enjoy in your game.

    3.Hotel Village Laguna Park,Croatia

    This  professional tennis court in the Laguna Hotel in Croatia will allow you to feel like real profesional , since it is spacious and wide like a real profesional tennis court.

    4.Four Seasons Resorts

    Four Season are popular for doing things on the most uniqe and spotless way , so this is the case with their tennis courts.It is adorable and flawless with a platform for the guest to observe the game.

    5.Marriot Hotel,Costa Rica

    Located ona spacious green ladnscape this super cute tennis court in Mariot Hotel in San Jose will let you experience a real game of tennis.The tennis court is wide and suronded with  high fence so you dont have to be afraid if the ball is going to high.

    6.The Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

    This is a real heaven for the pasionate tennis players.Tennis court is wide enough for ammters but also for profesional tennis players.So if you are a profesional tennis player you can make your rehersal here.

    7.W Hotel ,Miami

    This is a super large and wide tennis court which will allow you play decent game of tennis with your friends. You can play your game of tennis here like a real profesional tennis player.