Hotels with best Christmas Decoration


Christmas is here to come and  along with it comes the amazing christmas spirit that reminds us of the most beautiful moment of our life when we were children and  sit next to the amazing Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come. Christmas decoration are  the esential part of christmas and for that reason this article include the best decorated Hotels in the world. In case you are traveling for Christmas and you are bummed by the fact that you can not spent the Christmas morning and Christmas eve in your home , dont worry , because there are hotels that will make you feel just like you are at your decorated house.

1.The Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagino In las vegas is beautiful any time in the year, but when it comes Christmas  Bellagio is just exceptional. With the giant sparkly Christmas tree and magnificently decorated rooms this hotel is one of the most beautifully decorated rooms in the world.You will feel the chritmas spirit all around the Bellagio.

2.  Gaylord Palms,Orlando

Welcome to the Santa’s Workshop! This place for real look like the Santa”s land during the Christams , because it is full with all  propreties that are needed to feel a real Christams holiday.So if you are in Florida for the holidays , don’t skip this place , because you will feel the jingle bells here for sure.

3.Sheraton Princess Ka’iulani -Oahu

This hotel is perfect place to have your own Hawain Christams Holiday , since this place look amazing and you will feel the christams spirit all around you.So if you are in hawai for the holidays dont skip this place beccause the Christmas here is real Christmas.

4.The Hilton Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

Have a Merry Christmas in the magical hotel in Paris. This hotel will enhance and boost your holiday spirit and give you the time of real chirstams. Because this hotel is decorated like  Santa’s workshop.

 5.The Plaza, New York

The Plaza is beautiful any time of the year , but for Christmas the  beauty  of this  hotel is exceptional and enchanting. The place is decorated with the most decadent taste and  colorous. You will have a really merry christmas here , feeling like you are child, once again.

6.Four Seasons,New YorkDecorated with enchanting taste , this hotel owns the holiday  magic  inside in the rooms in the hall and in the loby too. The hotel is all sparkling and it has been awarded couple of times for the most beautiful  christams decoration.

7.The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, Florida

Welcome in the Santa”s Village. This hotel for Christmas will give you the feeling like you are in the Santa village since of it amazing decoration , Christmas Tree and gingerbread house.Have a Merry Christmas in the most beautiful Hotel for Christmas.