For Movie Freaks- Movie Themed Hotels


For all of you , who is adicted to movies and enjoy the culture of good film this is the right ocasion when you have to focus and start searching for your favorite movie themd hotel.Whether you are fan of crimi movies or sci-fi  , in the folowing article  you can find one of he most interesting movie inspired hotels that will make your stay authentic and fun.For sure is  a great feeling to stay in a hotel when is based on your favorite movie.

So check out  the most interesting movie themed hotels in the world.

1.The Hobit House- Lord of The Rings, Montana

This amazing and magical pocket size look a like is tribute to the hobit of Lord of the Rings nestled in the  lush forest in Montana. So if youa re huge fan of the cult movie The Lord of The Rings , then this will be quite of an experience for you.

2. ICEHOTEL Tron: Legacy, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This amazing hotel is a chilling tribute to the famous movie Tron legacy. The hotel is made authentic and as a tribute tot eh cult movie . If you are fan of tis epic movie then you for sure will notice the details  in the hotel’s decor and  you will feel awesome.

3.Poseidon Undersea Resort- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Fiji

Except that is the first underwater hotel , this amazing hotel is a tribute to two movies Poseidon and 20,000 Leagues Under the sea. It is magnificient and if you are into the under sea kind of life , then you will love this luxury resort.

4.Seven -James Bond Paris

It is a fact that this movie legend role had a great imapct of the mdoern society , and it deserves a hotel like this. This luxury boutique hotel is tribute to all of the James Bond movies and if youa re big fan of the name and  the role of James Bond then you will love your stay here.

5.Berber Hôtel Sidi Driss-Star Wars, Matmata, Tunisia

Obesessed with Sky walker , Luke Darth Wedder and all of the Star Wars icons? Then this is the right place to be in , because this rocky and dusty landscaped hotel is tribute to the epic series Star Wars.The  msot iconnic scene from Star wars when Luke Sky walker drink blue milk is the inspiration for this cult hotel.

6.Disneyland Hotel’s Pirates of the Caribbean penthouse

if you like Pirates of the Caribbean you will have a great time here. It is a perfect place to be with your children because they will love this place.

7.Seven-Alice in Wonderland,Paris

Perfect for you and for you little daughter, this amazing suite in Seven is tribute to ALice in wonderland and is enhancting and beautifull.

8.Batman Themed Motel Room, Taiwan

Spend the night in the Batcave and have the time of your life. This is pretty awesome  Batman themed room for all Bathman lovers.