For Literature Enthusiast-Hotels with Marvelous Libraries


Fan of Mark Twain? Living according the quotes of Oscar Wilde? Want to have vacation like Hemingway?Well , if you at least love one of these authors then you for sure will find this article helpful. This article will guide you trough the most beautiful hotel libraries that will let you read as much as you want while you are on your vacation. You don’t have to drag your books with you when you are  going on holiday, because these hotels have all kinds of genres and  you for sure will find something to read amusing enough to make you stay only in the library in the hotel.

1.Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam

Situated nearby the publishing houses like Ambo and Anthos Ambasade is regular place for new writers to promote their books.proud of 30 year of tradition Ambasade is place to visit if you are fan of reading.

2.The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

This resort was inspired by beach readers in Thailand.Including DVD surround system with big choice of music the library contents great collection of many best-sellers across the world.

3.Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Don’t be fooled  by the dim light and modern look , that this is  a bar, this is a library with  wide choice of different sort of literature  and is grouped by style.This is one of the most popular and amazing libraries over the world.

4.Trump Soho,New York

This elegant and leather covered library in Trump Soho in New York , except the big amount of books  offers a big and spacious private place for reading.You can find all sort of genre , biographies, novels and poems in this modern library.

5.Gladstone’s Library at St. Deiniol’s, Hawarden, Wales

This is not a library in a hotel , but hotel in a library. This spacious was founded by William Gladstone  in 1989 as a sleepover place for the scholars and bookworms.This hotel library consist more then 32.000 books.

6.Hazlitt Hotel,London

This fabulous Georgian style library in Soho will leave you breathless and speachless of the fact that you can forget  that you are on vacation and not to stay in library for hours.

7.As Janelas Verdes,Portugal

This amazing boutique hotel incldue this beautiful with amazing view library, which will make you the experience in this hotel unforgettable.The library have outstanding view of the sea and this is a little heaven for true readers.It offers wide choice of books.