Explore the soul of Balcan-Most Beautiful hotels in Serbia


Serbia is ex part of the federal republic Yugoslavia , located on Central and Southeast Europe and at the same time is the central part of the Balkans. Serbia is  amazing country reflecting the Orthodox religion and culture , rich with vast mountains and green landscape. in the capital city Beograd which in translation means “The White City” you can be part of great historical and cultural treasure as well  the river Dunav gives the city special spark and meaning. Serbia is country of great culture, friendly people who sing and dance all the time , and you can taste the most delicious food , since the Serbian people are famous by their delicious cuisine.In case you are planing to visit this amazing country  you can check the list of hotels that will suit you the best.

1.Hotel Hyatt Regency, Beograd

Hotel Hyatt regency is the most luxurious five star hotel in Serbia situated in the center of the capital city Belgrade “Novi Beograde”  this hotel will spoil you and offer you amazing view of the popular landmarks in Belgrade and view of the park. This hotel has been visited by many celebrities including ambassadors from other country and diplomats.


2.Hotel Aleksandar Palas ,Belgrade

The hotels is situated in the very heart of Belgrade , in the main touristic shopping center and will allow you to be close for sightseeing the city’s most famous district such as :Skadarlija, Kalemegdan , this district are part of the old city of Belgrade. Aleksandr Palace is 5 star hotel and will allow you to enjoy in super equipped rooms with air condition and w-fi overlooking to the center of the city.


3.Hotel Mona, Zlatibor

Hotel Mona is nestle in the lush forest on the mountain Zlatibor part of the Dianric Alps. Hotel Mona is luxurious ski in ski out resort located close to the village and a little lake. Hotel Mona is open by the fashion  brand called Mona and therefore is the stylish and modern decor in the Hotel. Here you can taste the most delicious meat dedicates if you re a meat eater and a variety of dairy products.


4.Hotel “Grand” Kopaonik

Situated on the largest mountain in Serbia and one of the most popular ski out areas  Kopaonik Hotel Grand will offer you a real royalty treatment with spa, sauna, inside pool and delicious cuisine.


5. Centar Hotel ,Novi Sad

Hotel Centar is located in the northeast city Novi Sad popular by the music festival Exit taht happens every summer in the Petrvrovaradin Fortress.Hotel Center is located on the perfect location for sightseeing and to be close to the petrvaradin fortress.


6.Metropol Hotel Belgrade

Metropol Palace in Belgrade is one of the msot popualr htoels in Serbia, located in the center of the city , the hotel got amazing view of the city landmarks and offers a luxury and hospitality.


7.Hotel Galeria, Subotica

Hotel galleria is new hotel ,located in the north-est city in Serbia  Subotica which in translation will be Saturday. This Hotel is modern and stylish artistic getaway and is located in the center of the city so you will be able to see all the beauty that this amazing city got.