Discover the most worth-seeing hotels in Tunisia


Tunisia is nestled in the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and  it is officially the smallest country in region of North Africa.Tunisia is well known by it vast sandy beaches and the transparent sky color of the Mediterranean Sea.Tunisia is perfect spot for vacation at the end of the summer , most commonly in August or at the beginning of September , since the summers in Tunisia are very hot and dry. Tunisia is the perfect combination of the oriental – Arabic culture and exotic -Mediterranean climate.In case you are planing to visit this small but yet exotic and amazing country , go trough the following guideline of the most luxurious hotels in Tunisia.

1. Hasdrubal Thalassa And Spa Yasmine, Hammamet

Along with the  vast sandy beach and tirqouis sea this is the perfect place to stay and experience the combination of true intimacy and admirable oriental architecture.Hasdrubal Thalasaa and Spa is offering 10 Luxury and 4 ambassador suites and 200 junior suites all equipped with TV, air condition and Wi-Fi.

2.Thalassa, Monastir

Located in between of the Carthage International Airport  and the touristic attractions such as Stade Mustapha Ben Jannet, Bourghiba Mausoleum, and Stade Olympiqu Thalassa is the perfect stopover place. The architecture is in traditional Arabic style and the splendid vast sandy beaches are just in a mile of the hotel.

3.Hotel Djerba Plaza,Midoun

Nestled in a lush oasis Palm Park hotel Dzerba Plaza was renovated in 2011, located close to the vast sandy beach and tourqise sea this hotel is perfect place to be in while you are in Tunisia.Hotel Djerba Plaza is situated on the small the same name island -Dzerba Island and is offering true hospitality and luxury.

4.Hotel RIU Bellevue Park Hotel

Hotel Riu Bellevue Park Hotel is located right in front of a vast splendid promenade beach and in its specter has to offer friendly hospitality rich gastronomy , oriental animation shows and splendid choice of fun and comfort.

5.SENTIDO Djerba Beach Hotel ,Djerba Island

Sentido Djerba Beach Hotel is perfect for new married couples who are looking for a tranquil and quiet place next to the beach. This hotels is located on the peaceful Djerba island and is situated right on the beach which is offering extended amount of good times.

6.Club Aldiana Tunesien,Nabeul

Club Aldiana is large complex of suites located in the city Nabeul. The perfect combination of Arabic -oriental architecture and exotic scent of the vast sandy beach right in front of the hotel.

7.Club Magic Life Penelope Beach Imperial,Dzerba Island

Club Magic Life Penelope Beach Imperial is located on the Dzerba Island and includes large aqua park which guarantee splendid amount of fun and good times.