Celebrity’s Hotel Rooms


If there is a idol that you admire and you want to give some kind of respect and admiration to him/ her then there is a place for doing that. This article will help you find a hotel room according to your favorite cellebrity that you admire and want to give some kind of tribute.Bellow are the most popular cellebrity themed hotel rooms in the world.

Check out the most creative celebrity themed hotel rooms.

1.Billy Holiday-Mark Twain Hotel,San Francisko

Room 203 in the boutique hotel tribute to legendary author Mark twain is popular by the fast that is honored to the epic blues diva Billy Holiday.In her honor there are pictures in the loby and her music is playing all the time. So if you lvoe the voice of this evergreen diva and music icon , then this is the right place for you.


2.The Marilyn Monroe Suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This is not only celebrity themed hotel room but it is also the favorite hotel room  of the dia herself  Marlyn Monroe.So if you are big fan of Marlyn Monroe you can be in the same suite as she was.


3.The John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite at Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal

The next time when youa re going on protest and when you want to give tribute to the bigest pacifist and music icon in the world- John Lenon then this is the perfect place for you , because this si the room when John Lenon and Yoko Ono have stayed many times.


4.The Jimi Hendrix Suite at The Cumberland,London

Wake up your inner rock star and go to the Jimi Hendriz Suite at The Cumberland in London.jimi Hendrix was regular at this hotel and before hi died the last interview that he gave was exactly at this hote.


5.Frank Sinatra Suite, The Caesar Palace,Las Vegas

The Blue Eyes was famous for the fact that he was basically living in The Caesar Palace and if you are big fan of his music and you love this music legend book a room here.


6.Hard Days Night, Liverpool

There is no more to say then that this a hotel in honor to the most legendary music band in the world for all times- The Beatles. If you are fan of The Betales then you will love this hotel.


7.OScar Wilde L’Hotel, Paris

This is the room where the popular writer has slept.