Cave Hotels…A Unique Natural World!


Cave hotels are a very fascinating idea to spend your time.They give us a feeling as if we are spending time close to nature”s treasures.Here are some cave hotels that you would look forward to visit…

Via: Les Hautes Roches
1. Les Hautes Roches, France
This is a beautiful cave hotel located in France.This hotels have 12 rooms inside the rock cave where they are beautifully decorated so as to bring out best from the cave”s interior.It also has a restaurant.A room here will cost you from € 215 to € 295.

Via: Cappa Villa
2.Cappa Villa Cave Hotel and Spa, Cappadocia, Turkey
This amazing cave hotel is situated amid the hills of Topuz mountain.They offer everything like its majestic rooms,swimming pools,restaurant and with unsurpassed views of sunrise and sunset.

Via: Desert Cave
3. Desert Cave Hotel, South Australia
This is an interesting cave hotel which is not only in a cave but a dug out cave with underground shops Serving all of Southern California, the California dmv practice test (california-driving-school. and bar along with the rooms.It has an underground cafe where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch.The room package here is from $35.00 to $250.

Via: Legend Cave Hotel
4.Legend Cave Hotel, Turkey
This magical boutique cave hotel has an accommodation of 20 rooms.It has restaurants both indoor an outdoor.The rooms cost you from 80 € to 200 € in high season and from 70 € to 180 € in low season.

Via: Beckham Cave Lodge
5. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Parthenon
This a cave hotel have bedrooms with unique walls of he cave where you will casino completely feel close to the nature.Moreover there is a honeymoon suite as well.Another wow factor is that they have a fully equipped cave lodge kitchen.They also have a recreation room where you can take pleasure of playing different table games.

Via: Gamirasu
6.Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey
This is a 30 room cave hotel which is known to be one of the unique cave hotels in Turkey.The rooms are actually part of seven old houses.Among these rooms some were in fact rooms of monks.The cave is comfortable both in summers and winters.It offers amenities of restaurant,honeymonn packages and weddings.The rooms cost from EURO 165. (BB) to EURO 1200. (BB) in high season.

Via: Cuevas el Abanico
7. Cuevas el Abanico, Granada, Spain
They have got dream cave hotel rooms.The caves are cool in summers and warm in winters.It has living rooms, kitchen, bath, terrace and garden as well.

Via: Cappadocia Cave Suites
8.Cappadocia Cave Suites, Goreme, Turkey
It has 36 spacious rooms along with a restaurant.All the rooms have wi-fi connections.What”s special is that each room is different from the other.You will not see any two rooms alike so it makes a diversity of room options.