V8 Hotel Themed Rooms…The Automobile Inspiration!


If you are in love with cars and they are more than your companions then V8 hotel is the place for you.This hotel has a total of 10 themed rooms, all are set around the theme of auto mobiles. So are you ready to get a bit wacky…?

1. Racing
The first room is based on formula 1 racing theme. Those who usually drive cars and win races in their dreams are are going to admire this room. The bed is wonderfully crafted with a winner podium where for sure you are going to secure first rank.

2. Garage
Now when you do racing your cars often go on a trip to garage.So have a good night sleep in this garage themed room with tools spread all around you. The room is perfect for two people.

3. Car Wash
This place is where you can pamper your beloved car with a car wash in your sweet dreams.The bed is actually a car placed in between gentle brushes.The room is done in red and white; the true car colours.

4. Vision
This room all done in white is a showcase casino of this advanced hi-tech world. Here you can feel an innovative world around you.The bathroom is also in such theme.

5. Tuning
Cars also need routine tuning to keep them going and this is what you will get in this room. The room has beautiful tiger patterned murals on the walls which give it a wild look.

6. Nostalgie (Scrap Yard)
This room will take you to the old memories of your once favourite cars now a part of a junk yard.The seats inside the room are made up of rears of cars which are very creative.

7. Gas Station
This room is made in style of a gas station as they are integral part of a car”s life.The furniture inside the room is made from spare parts.So have a comfortable sleep in this room and fuel yourself with energy.

8. Route 66
This room is for those who are a bit wild.Its inspiration is from motor cycles and have real parts of motor cycles. So get ready to ride on route 66 of amusement.

9. Drive in Camera
This is a spectacular room with a bed of a red car with its head lights switched on. A large LCD TV is available where you can watch your favourite channels.This room has a bed capacity of up to 5 persons.

10. V 8 Camp
If you like camping then this place awaits you.Beautifully done interior of the room makes it a truly lively place and you will feel as if you are camping indeed. This room is accompanied by an adjoining room as well.

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