Best Hotels on Farms


Sometimes you feel sick from the city traffic and noise , especially from the  city smog , and you feel like you need a getaway in the country. Well this  may be helpful for you. Following is the list of the best country hotels on the farm.

Check the best farm hotels.

1. Marsh Farm Hotel, Wiltshire

Marsh Farm Hotel wants to ensure that its guest will both feel the charm of the country and yet will enjoy in the luxury of the interior of this hotel. Located on 2 acres landscaped garden and surrounded by countryside you can find piece here

2. Whittington Lodge Farm,England

Enjoy in the beautiful green landscape on the edge of the Cotswolds in the village of Whittington. WHitilngton Longe Farm is luxury Bed and Breakfast hotel  nestled in the country. This farm hotel will provide you with the piece you need and you can enjoy with your family in the beautiful gardens.

3.Elvey Farm Hotel,Kent, UK

In this beautiful and luxurious farm hotel located in the endless green landscape in Kent, UK you can have a wonderful time with your family and catch a fresh breath. This is a pet welcomed hotel so you can bring  your dog or cat and have a lovely time here.

4. Lancaster County Farms Stay, Pensilvania

This can be your own country experience , satying here your kids will be able to learn more about the animal and living on the farm and you can enjoy in the calm country life.

5. The Legacy Boship Farm Hotel,England

This can be a  lovely place for your country getaway or even for your wedding. This place is nestled on amazing and large greenlandscape and offers a high level of hospitality and luxury.

6. Hotel Anna ,Iceland

If you are visting the magical and amazing Iceland that you can enhance your stay there with truly and traditional acomodotaion on the farm. Hotel Anna is  part of the chain farm  visit accommodation and it will provide you with all necessary features to make your stay in Iceland more beatifull.

7. Biltmore Farms Hotels

You can have an amazing country experience here , since the Baltimore Farms Hotels are one of the most renown farm hotels. The nature is beautiful and the luxury in the farm hotel is main specific.

8. Apple Farm, California

Lovely green landscapes,  beautiful flowers and of course enchanting amazing farm hotel in the middle of the green meadow.