When the imagination goes real- The best cartoon themed hotel rooms.


From time to time everybody feels the urge to escape the ordinary “grown -up” world and go into some place that will revoke the child deep inside  and feel happy and childish again.For our luck there are people who has built places that with a little scent of imagination and art we can be able to feel like children again. This amazing hotel rooms are cartoon inspired and for will revoke the children in you and make you feel like in your old times. Except that , this cartoon inspired hotel rooms can be the perfect place to be for your children. Check out the guide to the best cartoon themed hotel rooms over the world.

1.Loews Portofino Bay at Universal – Orlando, Florida

You can get on the first guess that  this kind of themed hotel room you can find in Orlando in the Universal resort.The cartoon themed room in this hotel is called Dr. Seus themed room and is a really impressive and there is no doubt that the children goes wild in here.


2.Nickelodeon Suites Resort – Orlando, Florida

This is also another perfect “family vacation spot” because of its amazing cartoon themed rooms , your kid here will have fun to the fullest. In the Nickelodeon Suites Resort except the giant water slide , you can find diferent cartoon themed rooms one of theme is Sponge Bob Square Pants themed room.


3.Grand Hi Lai Hotel – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

As i very well known the Chinese imagination is always off limits and bizarre , that is a case with this Hello Kitty themed room in the Grand Hi Lai Hotel located in Kaohsiung in Taiwan.Hello Kitty rooms are designed as you are in dream of barbie or some six year old girl. The rooms are pinkish and designed in mid-century way.


4.Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort-Toy Story

We all got to confess that not only children were blown away by this sensitive and amazing Disney”s Pixar cartoon Toy Story. We all  get  attached to the brave  and loyal friend Woody and charmed by the inocent and charming Buzz Light Year. Well, Disney as always got all together and make a fantasy come true.


5.Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalamtians were ours favorite dogs and we all cheer for them. For that reason Disney made this amazing and enchanting resort inspired by the legendary dalmatinas.


6.Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Fantasia

This also cartoon inspired resort is part of the Disney’s All Star Movies Resort and is inspired by the cartoon Fantasia. You can notice that by the giant dancing broom in front of the suites.


7.Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Love bug

Disney All Star Movie resorts presents the final part of the resort and this inspired by  The love Bug , and if you love this cartoon then you for sure will love the resort too.