Beauteous Boat Hotels


Boat Hotels

Do you often dream the luxury of a hotel sailing on water? If yes, then here is a list of boat hotels that will blow your mind off. These are perfect mingling of luxury and floating over the water excitement…

Via: Vat Phou
1. The Vat Phou Boat, Southern Laos.
It is a ferry boat revamped into a spectacular hotel in the year 1993.This boatel has two decks with 10 cubicles in the lower deck along with kitchen and dining room. On the upper storey there is a bar and two big sheltered decks. What’s more is that all the cabins are fully air-conditioned and food and drinks available all the time. There cost is up to $ 670 and less in accordance with the package.

Via: Botel Matylda
2. Boat Hotel Matylda , Prague
It is a spectacular four star two boat hotel floating on the Vltava River. This beauteous hotel has a green garden, a bar and an Italian restaurant. From meeting to celebrations it has got all the amenities. This hotel can accommodate up to 70 guests. So go ahead and enjoy the boat hotel deal.

Via: Sonnen Koenigin
3. Sonnenkönigin,Austria
This is an exquisite ship totally filled with joy. The feeling inside the ship is divine. It has got a variety of restaurant tables where you can enjoy the food. The indoor and outdoor atmospheres are equally enjoyable. Even if you are inside you can observe the outside deep water through the huge glass windows of the boat.

Via: Oceania Cruises
4. Marina Ship
This ship that started its service in May,2012 will make you feel special for its deluxe services. It has all that you can ever imagine to have on waters. With its gorgeous bedrooms furnished with king sized beds will make you feel royal. You can enjoy 3D movies, internet and music. Its restaurant with a roomy dining room will serve you the food you can ever wish for. It can accommodate 1,250 guests at a time, now this really deserves applause.

Via: Aqua Expeditions
5. MV Aria
This is a spectacular huge boat carrying beauty with itself on the waters. Its big size rooms have large glass windows from where you can look at the outside view of water and nature’s treasures. For fitness freaks it has got an exercise room as well where you can enjoy exercise with a view over Amazon from the glass window. Its rates are from USD. $2,835 to $6,965 which is according to second or first deck booking in 3, 4 or 7 nights package.

Via: Dream boatel
6. River Dream Boatel, South Australia
With its exciting rate of just $180 for per person per night this boat hotel is packed with lavishness. Its rooms are furnished online casino with silk soft master beds. A further interesting feature of this boatel is that it offers its lodgers to create their own cuisine in its kitchen that has every thing like BBQ grills, Baking trays, and Coffee maker, fridges, microwave/gas ovens and dishwashers. Music can also be played and there is a big lounge with dining tables and sofas to comfort along the charming views of outside. What an entertainment bash!

Via: The Red Boat
7. The Red Boat Hotel, Stockholm
Its wooden floor rooms are furnished with cozy beds with windows facing the sea view. The interior of the boat hotel is as fine-looking as the bright red exterior of the ship.Its rooms cost you up to 1.400 SEK. A youth hostel along with hotel is a plus.

Via: Zambezi Queen
8. Zambezi Queen, Chobe River
If you love the wildness of Africa and want to see nature’s creatures then this is for you. When this hotel sails it will provide you views of elephants, herds of buffaloes and giraffes on the green belt. If you peek down to water you can find crocodiles and hippos as well. Its dining room serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner and is having 3 sides open to immerse you in the bliss of river’s scenery. It has also a library, game zone and a telescope. Its rates are of a wide range with a maximum rate of R 18 750 per person.

Via: Ncl
9. Norwegian Star
This has individual restaurants namely Cagney’s Steakhouse, Blue Lagoon,Aqua main dining room, Asian, French and Italian restaurants. It has also a 24/7 pizza available for pizza lovers. There is a variety of suites such as three bedroom villa, 2 bedroom suites and penthouses as well.

Via: Seabourn
10. Seabourn Odyssey
This has exceptional suites with incredible color schemes. Whichever suite you pick the windows in each suite will give you a treat of sea sight. It has attractions like a boutique, casino, fitness studio, spa, pool, whirlpools and restaurant. To your surprise this ship has won loads of awards too for its world class services.