Amazing new hotels that will open in 2013


In case you travel a lot and your knowledge about popular hotels is on the high level , then we got good news for you , there are new hotels for 2013 which will leave you with open jaws and breathless. Everything that you can ask from hotel  will be achieved  in this hotels ,and the best thing of all is the they are new and new is always better. You can prepare yourself for new adventures and for new point of view because this hotel will blow you away. All of the hotels from the following list will open in  2013 and  here is the announcement and pictures of the hotest hotels  which will open in 2013.

1.London’s high lifeThe Shangri LA


Except that this is gonna be the tallest building in Europe , but as well this will be the first property of Shangri La in the United Kingdom.The Shangri la group will open this hotel on the 1st February.The hotel will be built up from 54 floors and we can not wait to see this architectural genius masterpiece.

You can see more information on teh official site Shangri La

2.Mira Moon Hong Kong’s fairytale fantasySetRatioSize1440900-Bar-Mira-Moon-Hong-Kong-Wanders-and-yooMira Moonwill be  an amazing 91-room boutique hotel which will officially be open   in early summer located on the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong Island as a combination  of East tradition and contemporary glam.

You can see more information on the official site Mira Moon

 3.Mukul Resort Nicaragua’s  beachside surprisespa-t-mukul

37 beach villas will rise and shine from the begining of February in the Central America’s  country Emerald Coast, on its Pacific flank.

You can see more information on the official site Mukul Resort

4.New York’s  The Refinerythe-Refinery

Another luxury boutique hotel will rise located on the Garment District on West 38th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues),with 2 floors and 197 rooms. The opening is scheduled for March this year.

You can see more information on the official site The Refinery

5.Heckfield Place Hampshire’s country pileHeckfield-Place-2

Located on 400 acres of gardens and woodland in the greenish  Hempshire in Englad the Heckdieldpace will be the new favorite place for weddings and Bad and Breakfast from March.

You can see more information on the official site

6.Baglioni MarrakechSetRatioSize1440900-pool-baglioni-marrakech

There is no specific opening date for this luxury 80-room hotel  , the only thing that we knot that it will be glamorius and extra ordinary located in Moroco.

You can see more information on the official site

7.Beach House Pasikudahbeach view m

The opening of this beach house vila will be for 14 February.

You can see more information on the official site