10 Most Creative Art Hotels in the world


Art can be found everywhere is a matter of perception , but if you are a passionate lover and follower of the art then you for sure will like to be in artistic places. In the following list you can see the artistic side of the hotels. So if you are feeling passionate for  check out the most artistic hotels in the world.

1. The Winston Hotel, Amsterdam

This cool and artistic hotel is located in the center of Amsterdam , exactly on the oldest street in in the city in the Red Light District. This Hotel is rich in colors and artistic pieces .This place was popular nestle for the journalists, filmmakers, but most of all, artists from all over the world. The décor of the rooms is made by the artist it Aldert Mantje.


2.Wanderlust  Hotel Singapoore

Brace yourself because you will  be blown by this  stuning and incredibly creative hotel in Singapore.Wanderlust Hotel have the right name , since the hotel is magic and from the reception room to the lobby everything is artistic and creative.


3.Lub D Hostel,Bangok

The hostel itself is made like you are on some art exhibition, since of tis vibrant colors and decadent and creative forms this hostel is popular among the young population interested in art.


4.Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

Fox is a project from the Volkswagen in Denmark , and it happened when the marketing team from the car compay open a pitch to creative teams and designers all over the world to give a creative concept for  redoing the Copenhagen’s Park Hotel.


5.Daddy Long Legs, South Africa

Dady Long legs will save your time from visiting art exhibitions because the hotel itself is a masterpiece designed by 13 artists , each designer  designed one room since there are 13 rooms.


6.Hotel Du Petit Mulan, Paris

Designer of this marvelous and fascinating hotel is Christian Lecroix and there are not enough words to explain the art reflections and decadency of this hotel .Situated in the heart of Paris you can feel and live the Parisian soul in the artistic walls.


7.Gramercy Park Hotel, New York

In the heart of Manhattan there is a hotel with a room with thousand light bulbs and that hotel is called Gramercy Park and is one of the most renewed and respected hotels in the world.


8. Hotel des Arts, San Francisco


These pictures are just small part of the whole collage that this amazing art gallery-hotel got to offer. Explosive colors, street art décor and positive vibes are the three main specific the Hotel des Arts own.


9.Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin

Except the enchanting and limitless creativity here and the music is the part of the art experience .From rooms designed for children to upside down rooms  this hotel will offer you a real art experierence.


10.The Hotel Chelsea, New York

If you know the New York  art scene from the 60’s then you for sure know the epic hotel located in Manhattan Hotel Chelsea. This is an iconic hotel where many artistic legends such as  Eddie Sedgwick, Bob Dylan, Stanley Kjubrik, Leonard Cohen have lived here. This hotel was also the inspiration for the  Andy Warhol’s art movie Chelsea Girls as well as the band The Velvet Underground  released a song named Chelsea Girls. This hotel is a kind of an  artistic landmark and if you are in New York for the first time this hotel should be your choice.