Hotels with best bath tubs


Hotels with best bath tubs

The person who came up with work without play makes Jack a dull boy wasn’t wrong but left out on the part that recreation can substitute play. Many people during their vacation scratch their heads trying to figure out which hotels they will book their reservations but worry not because this article will help you thin out the hotels with best bath tubs that will keep you refreshed and ‘busy’ while in the bath room.

The surrounding of the hotel and its unique and picturesque bath tubs will definately make your mind go on overdrive and make you forget you busy schedule. These are some of the fantastic hotels with glamorous bath tubs.

If you want to experience an open-air bath as you listen to the birds of the wild, check out the Afrika House, Bambu Indah (Bali, Indonesia). It costs US$260 per night a price worth the elegance. Check this website Bambu Indah


If you are going as a couple, check out the Lagoon Bungaloows, Huvafen Fushi (Maldives) that has classy bath tubs built for two. It faces the Indian Ocean in a manner that one can enjoy his or her bath as you have a good view of the Aqua surroundings. It costs US$ 1400 per night. This is a hotel worth spending on. For more information, check Huvafen Fushi


L600 and L900 Landmark Suites at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong) has two feet deep seven across bath tub that makes you want to erect a tent near the tub will give you a glamourous time. It is said it makes business men skieve business meetings. It costs only US$820 per night for L600 and US$1190 per night for the L900. For more information, check out at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.


The Nam Hai, Hoi An Vietnam has one bedroom villas that have classy bath tubs, though there isn’t a view of any scenery, it keeps you in your imagination world. If you want to relax while having out of office thoughts, this is the place. It costs US$ 450 per night. Check out this link Nam Hai


Hibiya Suite, The Peninsula Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) has a tranquil effect on its users as offers not only the great view of the city but also has a 15 inch plasma tv, marble floor surrounding and the Japanese style engraved relaxes your mind. It only costs US$ 12000 per night. More can be obtain from The Peninsula


The bathroom elevation of Studio, Upper House (Hong Kong) makes you enjoy the illumination of the Hong Kong lights while in the tub. It’s a home away from home. The room’s artwork will also keep you amazed as it’s from culture nuts called Cocoon. It costs US$ 387 per night. Check more at Upper House


For business people who love the traditional baths, Amankora (Paro Bhutan) will cool you nerves. It is made from cedar wood and the bath is made enjoyable by hot stones that characterize Bhutans’ preoccupation in happiness. It costs US$ 1300 per night. More information will be at Amankora