Creative Museum Hotels


For all art lovers this can be a very interesting experience.If you are seeking for combination of art and comfort then you can look trough this list of  creative and interesting hotels thata re museums in the same time. So next time when you are on  your bussines trip and you don’t have time to visit a museum in some specific city then you can check in , in some of the following hotels.

Check the list of most creative museum hotels.

1. 21c Museum Hotel

Number 6 hotel in the world this hotel is a perfect combination of art and  accommodation. The symbol of this super creative hotel is red penguin which you can find all over the hotel , its on the entrance of the hotel together with red limousine , in the hall and on the rooftop terrace.

2.Museum Hotel  Welington, New Zeland

This is a beautiful and luxury art museum boutique hotel .Acoridng to yahoo listings Museum Art Hotel is one of the ten most maginificient hotel of arts in the world.

One of the mot beautifull hotels in the world .

3.Art Gallery Hotel, Athen Greece

This is urban and artistic museum hotel in Athens . Its minimalistic décor will give you a feeling like youa re in some museum of art or art gallery. Its decadency and unique beauty are worth to see.

4.The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum,New York

You don’t actually need time machine to go back in time , you can only visit The Mount Vernon hotel Museum and see all the beauty from the last century.Located in the county outside of the noisy New York this can be your perfect art experience.


Museumotel in Manila is perfect and unique place to be in. It is is a stone age museum authenicly settled in little caves , each unique and beautiful.

6.Galery Museum hotel Art, Itally

This is artistic and wonderfull hotel that will boost your knowlege in art sicne you will feel like you are in some art museum and not in a hotel.

7.Acropolis Musum Hotel